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US Grand Prix, Utah

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

After sharing an 11h flight next to a snoring and drooling walrus disguised as a human, an hour in a line before being interrogated about why I should be let into the country, a few hours late connection flight and an arrival at the resort at 4AM of the first training day, I could without hesitation reveal that I was pretty tired when we made it to Solitude, Utah. You may be thinking "Man, this sounds like a real shitty trip.". This is where you are absolutely wrong.

So! The US Grand Prix in Solitude was the main cause of this trip. The course was fast and had big features as there was a boardercross worldcup going down simultaniously with our race, and skiing the course was a blast. We also managed to squeeze in a lot of training runs in the course, which was a great opportunity for me since I rarely get to ski courses that though.

After a few days of sunny dreamy training days, the qualification day arrived. That was also when the snow decided to show up. Rollers that had been trippled during the training day now had to be singled, the speed was completely gone and I had to go for a little crosscountry-skating adventure in the course during the qualificaton because of the heavy snowfall. I did not have a very fast time.

Managed to ski pretty good on the race day, had a couple of pretty fast starts and made it all the way to the final. Unfortunately for me, it started snowing and as an individual athlete there is no time to put on topping wax in between heats and I just felt how my skis got sucked into the fresh snow. I ended up on a 4th place, still not too shabby in a field with great skiers and worldcup athletes.

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