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Olympic Reflections

Alexandra reflects and shares her thoughts and feelings after her Olympic debut.

Olympic reflections - Part I

I took a little social media break after the olympics, but thought I’d share some reflections from my experience.

The olympics has been one of the coolest experiences of my life, but also one of my biggest disappointments ever.

We all show up at the olympics with high hopes and ready to give it our all. We get one chance, every four years, maybe just even once in a lifetime, while most people in this world don’t ever even get that chance. It truly is a privilege to be there.

There are so many things that have to be aligned for it all to work out.

The body.

The mind.

The preparation.

The support.

The controllables.

The uncontrollables;

May it be snowfall, wind, other racers, simply being at “the right place in the right time”, covid-19, you name it.

When it all works out it is pure magic.

And when it doesn’t, it hurts.

So, so bad.

Olympic Reflections - Part II

I haven’t felt that disappointed in a long time. I feel like I’ve worked so hard, so persistently, and overcome so many injuries and hardship to get to where I am today. And I do feel proud. That I didn’t ever give up, but always kept on fighting.

But the margins in skicross are so small. The charm with the sport - being head to head with other racers - also makes the outcome of your performance a bit less in your control.

I really do feel that I did everything I could, with my given circumstances, to perform at a top level at the games, and that I had the capacity for more than a 13th place.

From leading my quarterfinal to getting sandwiched and falling in the second to last turn was a bit heartbreaking.

I wish I could say I tackled the setback with grace, but this one was a real tough one to bounce back from.


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