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Pow Days in California

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

Took an enroute from the Race in Utah to Mammoth, California, Tyler's home town. Where it was DUMPING. I had never seen that much snow in all my life. We actually almost didn't make it there in the first place, as the police had closed off the road. But we found a group of cars who had the mindset "pow days>staying alive" and created a caravan on some sideroads, dodging local police. At one point the visibility was so bad I had to put on goggles, stick my head out the window and scream if we were about to hit the sidewalls. We also got stuck a few times, but teamwork tends to get on fleek when pow days awaits. We finally made it, in full snowstorm, cold and soaked after digging in snow for hours. But it ended up being totally worth it.

Photos by Tyler.

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