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  • her mother was one of the first female pilots, and later Captain, on Scandinavian Airlines, and one of Alex's biggest role models growing up.
  • Alex used to think her dad was a wizard as he seems to be able to fix anything and everything, including her broken toys/RC cars. He also loves cars and still has a red convertible MG he renovated when he was 18.

  • her maternal grandmother grew up in a small village but set out to see the world, becoming an air-hostess for Pan-Am in the 1950s. The village she grew up in is called Venjan, Dalarna, and Alex's family has spent a lot of time in the house that is her grandma's childhood home.

  • her maternal grandfather has sailed around the world as Captain and Commander in the Swedish Navy, has won a prestigious sailing race. 

  • her paternal grandmother loves to plant her own food to share with her family, and passed on her love for plants as well as her strong will to Alex and her sisters.

  • her paternal grandfather studied at the prestigious universities Handelshögskolan and KTH... at the same time. He later became a successful businessman and emigrated to California.

  • her older sister Gabriella has competed in freeride, is currently studying to become an engineer and makes the best sourdough bread in town.

  • her younger sister Veronica also competed in skicross, including the youth Olympic Games in Lillehammer, loves to paint and is most likely to be found surfing somewhere on a tropical island.

  • Alexandra loves the outdoors, traveling and going on adventures.

  • she also goes by the nicknames Alex and "The Swedish Viking Princess" which happened to stick around after her American boyfriend Tyler Wallasch called her that when they first started dating.

  • she wasn't sure what she wanted to do when it was time to choose gymnasium (senior high school), and was conflicted between going to a ski academy, art/design school and between becoming a marine biologist.

  • Alex has bad hearing (ask her coaches).

  • Alex had a short modeling career before moving away from Stockholm, and has done several photoshoots and fashion shows.

  • Alex has always loved music but never committed to playing an instrument until very recently. She bought her first semi-acoustic electric guitar during her concussion recovery. 

  • Alex is a certified scuba diver.

  • she tried kitesurfing a few years ago and absolutely fell in love with it.

  • Alex has a fake tooth.

  • she has an obsession with and a collection of cute espresso mugs.

  • she is missing a small piece from her ear after getting attacked by a dog in her young years... but she still loves dogs. 

  • she has dimples. 

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